Seeing a model prototype of her new pasta strainer design come to life thanks to Quirky and their Objet 3D printer is enough to almost make this designer cry for joy. Got your own design that you’ve brought to reality using 3D printing? Post your video response here showing us your creation:
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25 Responses to Designer Gets Emotional to see 3D Printed Design Come to Life

  1. TheChimp1337 dice:

    my school needs one of these in the graphic design lab!

  2. joejoebeefcraft dice:


  3. droumdoum dice:

    You mean like… Leonardo dreaming he’s in Back to the Printer as McFly who’s dreaming he’s Arnie in Printdator who’s dreaming that he could be me as Print charming printing that cute blonde who’d be Printerella SOO HARD that we both shoot laser beams through tha roof ? The Printernet is for porn dude !

  4. joejoebeefcraft dice:


  5. droumdoum dice:

    Nevermind that, print me a printer i’ll print her myself !

  6. joejoebeefcraft dice:

    wierd science!

  7. bobdobb1088 dice:

    When Quirky actually publishes their income, versus the actual amount given back to the Quirky community, Ill join. Otherwise it is predictably a scam. It is hurtful to inventors to support this manipulative scheme through the coming TV show. I wont buy Quirky products based on this. Kaufman’s abrasive personality(complete with dropping F bombs in public talks) is a warning to those who might make a deal with him.

  8. bobdobb1088 dice:

    Quirky suggests it gives 30% profit back to idea people, but this is misleading. It’s important to note that the actual “profit” cannot actually be understood by the inventor, because the cost to manufacture the item is entirely controlled by Kaufman, who in interviews has stated outlandishly large costs to actually develope very simple ideas($200000 just to get to prototype stage average, says Kaufman). Same tactic is used in the movie industry, with other people with names like Kaufman.

  9. bobdobb1088 dice:

    The printer prints the designer’s invention.
    Quirky’s Kaufman prints money from his scheme…
    that takes all rights to your invention after you’ve paid to be on the site, then paid to sumbit your idea, that was, oh yeah, stripped of rights after you did that. There is only one Quirky success story…Kaufman’s. The most anyone has ever gotten from Quirky is about $30k, and that was only after their was a nationwide campaign at Bed Bath & Beyond, where Quirky reps showed up at stores pushing it.

  10. OPOCHKA dice:

    How much did that cost to print ??

  11. paul disher dice:

    Now you thinking!!!!!

  12. paul disher dice:

    Can it print Money?

  13. ricefarmer dice:

    i dont know how its going to compete with regular manufacturing when this thing takes 10 hours to make a couple of bowls

  14. robert karas dice:

    yes it already happened

  15. robert karas dice:

    she used the word cool only 4 times -_- 2 times at the beginning and 2 times at the end, and the beginning was at 1 time 1 place and at the end was at 2 different places at 2 different times, she also called it cute, adorable ya and when something that you dreamed of and could change your life came into reality you could also be shocked and you would also say cool alot more times

  16. apard7 dice:

    oh. ok. no worries but you took your time to reply..

  17. spresco9 dice:

    there are multiple services that offer what you’re asking for. objet isn’t really in that game…

  18. CheezyPr0ductionz dice:

    widgity thats what she said

  19. droumdoum dice:

    Could you print me that cute little blonde ?

  20. Astralnaut dice:

    I love the future of industrial design.

  21. JoshLikeCrazy dice:

    if only it didn’t take 10 hours to make a tiny bowl

  22. cowkiller39 dice:

    has anyone tried to make a gun yet?

  23. Chris Matthews dice:

    This is awkward. Also – she needs a dictionary if the only word she can use to describe her feelings about the bowl is “cool”.

  24. MooseBoy99 dice:

    pretty cool but since when did a couple of hours mean 10 WHOLE HOURS ! ! !

  25. widgity dice:

    “aw it’s so cute” aka “that is smaller than i expected” XD

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